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Which show do I buy tickets for?

Refer to the April 21 email with show listings 

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My child/children dance in multiple shows - what show do I buy for?

We do our very best to keep your child/children in only a few shows - however we have a few that will be in multiple shows.  Fortunately, our recital shows are all on one day!  

Purchase tickets for one show only, and use that same ticket to access the Parent Gallery for the other shows.  This means, you will have assigned seat numbers in one show, and unassigned seating in the special Parent Gallery for other show(s).  

*If you have one or more dancers on the Crew or Company team, please purchase your reserved tickets for Show 3.  

Do all seats need a ticket?

Yes, all audience members must buy a ticket except for children five and under who will sit on their parent's lap.  You must obtain a ticket from our office for lap-seated children.

Dancers do not need a ticket.  

Volunteers who assist at Recital will receive a $20 credit to their account to use toward next season's tuition (posted after completing the volunteer role at Recital).

Is seating General Admission or Reserved?

Tickets are reserved, meaning you will buy a ticket for a specific seat in a specific show, selected at time of purchase.  

We have plenty of seating available - do not worry if by chance a show sells out.  We will accommodate!

What is the "Recital Opening: 5th Year Students" number opening each show?

This is our fifth recital (yay!), so we're inviting all students who have been with us for all  five seasons to be part of the show opening number! Rehearsal dates emailed to parents of qualifying students.

Special Seating for Photographs!

Don't worry about where your seats are in the auditorium, as we have special Parent Paparazzi seating right at the front!  

When your child is on-stage, you get the best seat in the house to capture their performance :)