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Dancers take a great workshop with our Faculty, while parents learn about our happy, healthy and safe approach to competitive dance.  Not all programs are created equally - we welcome you to attend our session to find out Leap's industry-celebrated approach to competition dance!  

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Why parents & dancers choose leap

HIGHEST standards

We're proud to be the ONLY studio in Calgary certified by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD), which means we uphold the highest standards in teaching dance to youth, and complete certification requirements in order to prove so.

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Leap Studios is committed to putting the dancer before the dance.  Our music, concepts, choreography and costumes are age appropriate - not just because we say so, but also because YPAD has certified us as so.  #LetKidsBeKids

Healthy Dance Training

Our expert-developed curriculum ensures consistent, quality programming.  Our Instructors are trained in dancer development, and adhere to injury prevention,

positive body image development, and employing best practices as leaders in physical, emotional and social support for youth in dance.

Safe Practices

All personnel are Background Checked and CPR/First Aid Certified. Our facility is secured and monitored, and parents can watch classes in the lobby via CCTV.  NONE of these practices are requirements for a dance studio to operate, so we like to point out that you can expect the safest practices at our studio.

Dance Anytime

Our dance programs are designed for all skill and commitment levels.  We have various intakes throughout the year for programs of varying length.  You choose your level of involvement when you choose the program stream for your child and family to commit to.  Whether it's a few weeks a year, or multiple classes per week all season, the choice is yours.

Choose Your Path

All dance classes are programmed to be progressive - children enjoy having goals, learning the means to achieve them, and celebrating the success of reaching their goals.  Recreation dancers attend weekly classes to enjoy dance without added commitment.  Performance and Competition dancers attend multiple weekly classes 10 months out of year and perform at festivals, competitions, community events - with opportunities to travel abroad as well!

what we believe in

Provide a Positive, Stimulating and Healthy Environment to Learn and Grow


Dedicated and Trained Educators Who Put The Dancer's Needs First


Kid-Friendly and Parent-Approved Approach to Performance Arts Education


what parents say about leap

"Leap Studios' Performance Program has been great for helping my daughter develop friendships outside of school. The team bonding that takes place between the dancers AND their parents has been enjoyable for all of us. I can see the dancer's confidence building while navigating the successes and challenges that come with teamwork - skills for life! Leap's position on healthy body image, age appropriate dance moves and music is very much appreciated."

"We absolutely LOVE Leap Studios! We love the teachers, it's a great atmosphere and always FUN! It has been amazing to watch her grow as a dancer since she started dancing at Leap in 2015. Leap Studios is a loving dance environment – her amazing dance instructors have all been amazing motivators and teachers...this studio is where she has grown the most!! We love everything about the studio and our dance family."

"My daughter has been dancing with Leap Studios for five years, and we couldn't be happier with her progress as a dancer, teammate and friend. Miss Jill and her faculty have provided her with a supportive atmosphere in which to learn and achieve, all while making wonderful friends and having tons of fun. Thanks Leap!!"


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Leap Studios

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