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Keep on leaping! We're going to post some free online resources here for you to check out to keep moving! Don't let this break get you down - there's beauty in every day, and dance!


COVID-19 Response

*NEW* Online Streamed Dance Classes & Weekly Library

COVID-19 Response

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At Leap Studios Inc., the health and safety of our faculty and students remains our most important priority.

Please click below to read our full COVID-19 Response.


*NEW* Online Streamed Dance Classes & Weekly Library

COVID-19 Response


Learn about Leap's commitment to building age-appropriate and safe dance training through our pioneering actions in industry certification in Canada!

*NEW* Online Streamed Dance Classes & Weekly Library

*NEW* Online Streamed Dance Classes & Weekly Library

*NEW* Online Streamed Dance Classes & Weekly Library


Hey, check out these online resources over Spring Break to keep leaping, turning, stretching and learning!

what parents say about leap

"Leap Studios' Performance Program has been great for helping my daughter develop friendships outside of school. The team bonding that takes place between the dancers AND their parents has been enjoyable for all of us. I can see the dancer's confidence building while navigating the successes and challenges that come with teamwork - skills for life! Leap's position on healthy body image, age appropriate dance moves and music is very much appreciated."

"We absolutely LOVE Leap Studios! We love the teachers, it's a great atmosphere and always FUN! It has been amazing to watch her grow as a dancer since she started dancing at Leap in 2015. Leap Studios is a loving dance environment – her amazing dance instructors have all been amazing motivators and teachers...this studio is where she has grown the most!! We love everything about the studio and our dance family."

"My daughter has been dancing with Leap Studios for five years, and we couldn't be happier with her progress as a dancer, teammate and friend. Miss Jill and her faculty have provided her with a supportive atmosphere in which to learn and achieve, all while making wonderful friends and having tons of fun. Thanks Leap!!"

Dance from January to June

This is our second semester - longer than a Mini Session, but shorter than a full year of dance. Classes in our second semester participate in our year-end recital in June, which means dancers take their learning, set to a choreographed performance, which they perform on-stage!

Dance for Athletes

Football hall-of-famer Lynn Swan did it - so can you! We have created a series of classes for youth athletes who are keen on rounding out their strength and flexibility through dance technique training.  

Consistent dance practice increases muscular strength and endurance, boosts motor fitness, tones muscles and helps manage body weight. Hitting dance class hard for just a half an hour can burn upward of 300 calories, according to the University of Brighton. Additionally, dancing strengthens the bones, which is doubly important in contact sports such as football or rugby, which — per 2017 Yale University data — experience more than 600,000 injuries annually.

Let's keep you healthy - join us in our Dance for Athletes program!

Family Workshops

Our studio believes that family is at the heart of a great journey in dance education. We offer educational sessions for parents to attend with their child to better understand the physical, emotional and social benefits of dance training.

Summer Program

You can enjoy dance all year round! Our Summer Program will be released for registration starting February 1!


We don't just teach dance to make great dancers.  We teach dance to make great kids!


Education is important to us and our clients.  Learn more about how Leap applies best practices and knowledge to keep kids happy, healthy and safe in their dance training.


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